Level 1 - Foundation Home Study Course

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The correspondence course covers the required modules of the ACHO Core Curriculum used in the Level 1 - Foundation Course which together with completed assessment exercises, case studies, A&P requirement and attendance of a Practical Assessment Day will qualify you for the Level 1 Foundation Award!

Level 1 Foundation Award

Level 1 Foundation Award comprises the following:

  • 10 Home Study Modules:
    • Module 1 - Choosing Crystals
    • Module 2 - Cleansing & Linking with Crystals
    • Module 3 - Crystal Properties and Where They Come From
    • Module 4 - Looking at Quartz
    • Module 5 - Crystals & The Aura
    • Module 6 - Crystals & The Subtle Bodies
    • Module 7 - Chakra Theory
    • Module 8 - Crystals & The Chakras
    • Module 9 - Client Management
    • Module 10 - Health & Safety
  • completion of Assessment Exercises for all 10 Modules
  • documented case studies
  • evidence of, or be prepared to study, a suitable Anatomy & Physiology course
  • maintaining a Crystal Journal
  • attendance of a one-day Practical Assessment Day



A registration fee of £25 is due on completion of the course application form.

Each Module costs £25 (email version) - please enquire if you wish to receive a printed version as this incurs additional cost.

The Practical Assessment Day is by arrangement and costs £40

You can work at your own pace and request the next module when you are ready and it will be despatched on receipt of payment

The total cost of the Correspondence Course (email version) is £315 and this cost also includes

  • an opportunity to study A&P through an online course, if required
  • access to additional resources on the Student Area
  • Tutor contact via email & Skype

Please note: UK Students will need to obtain insurance to complete their case studies.

Please view the Course Overview for full details and if you have any further queries please contact Helen