Crystal Massage Workshop

facial massage with jade rollers

Crystal Massage 2-day Workshop

A 2-day workshop designed for massage therapists and reflexologists to provide instruction on how to incorporate the vibrational energy of crystals into massage and reflexology routines.

  • Covers the following:
  • Choosing crystals
  • Cleansing crystals
  • Storing crystals
  • Structure and physical properties
  • Shaped crystals suitable for massage
  • A facial massage routine using small stones and rollers
  • A body massage routine using palm stones, spheres and massage wands
  • A foot massage routine using massage wands and palm stones

Cost: £125 - £50 non-refundable deposit paid in advance; £75 balance paid on day 1

Light refreshments will be provided but please bring lunch

Prerequisites: Attendees must have a recognised qualification in body massage and/or reflexology