Level 3 - Diploma (ACHO Accredited)

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This is an advanced course taking your skills, knowledge and personal development to another level. 


This course is comprised of a series of advanced crystal therapy workshops, which will have their own assessment exercises. A minimum of 12 days (some workshops may be two days in length) must be attended and the assessment exercises completed together with documented case studies and a project in order to be awarded the diploma.


  • Crystals & Colour Theory *
  • Crystal Nets & Grids *
  • Gem Elixirs & Essences *
  • Advanced Chakra Theory
  • Advanced Five Element Theory
  • Advanced Meridian Theory
  • Sacred Geometry *
  • Crystals in the Environment *
  • Crystals & Divination *
  • Mandalas, Malas & Meditation

(The content & the order of the syllabus may be modified to reflect the interests of the students)

These are the topics which will be covered in the tutored workshops.  

* Topics marked with an asterisk are also the Advanced Crystal Therapy Workshops which are suitable for people who wish to further their knowledge, gain CPD etc.

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If you have successfully completed a Certificate level Course with any other ACHO School and, for whatever reason, wish to continue to Diploma level with Dreamstone Holistics - Therapies & Training, or attend any of the individual workshops for CPD purposes, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

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