Crystal Therapy Home Study Lite

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The Home Study Lite Course incorporates modules of the ACHO Core Curriculum used in the Level 1 - Foundation Course but with Home Study Lite you can use it for personal interest only and omit the assessment exercises if you choose. 

However if you do complete the assessment exercises for all 8 Modules and submit them for marking you will be issued a Certificate of Completion, but please note this is not an Accredited award.  

If you want to study for the Level 1 - Foundation Course and gain an accredited award then please click here for full details of the Level 1 - Foundation Correspondence Course.

Home Study Lite

The syllabus for the Home Study Lite includes the following topics covered in 8 modules:

  • Choosing and caring for crystals
  • Where crystals come from
  • Linking to crystals
  • Chakras,
  • The Subtle Bodies & Auras
  • Basic crystal layouts and therapy techniques
  • Dowsing & using a pendulum
  • Grounding, shielding and protection

You can do as many or as few modules as you like depending on where your interests lie and cost will be per module.

Each module costs £20 and will be emailed to you in PDF format (should you wish to receive a printed version please contact Helen for pricing) and includes tutor support via email.

The total cost of the Home Study Lite (email version) is £160