Crystal Therapy Diploma

Stage 2 - Crystal Therapy Practitioner

Course Outline

This level continues from Stage 1 and pre-requisites include:

  • Completion of an appropriate A&P course
  • Completion of the Stage 1 assessment questions
  • The course will either be taught as six one-day workshops, three two-day workshops or twelve 3-hour evening classes
  • The course comprises a blend of online study and practical workshops
  • A Certificate of Attendance will be provided at the end of the tutored workshops but this does not constitute a qualification but can be used for CPD purposes
POster for CHP accredited diploma
body layout for chakra treatment

Course Content

The course includes the following subjects :

  • Absent/Distance Healing
  • Introuction to the Chinese Five Elements & Meridian Systems
  • Further Layouts & Techniques
  • Relaxation & Visualisation Techniques
  • Client Management & Health & Safety
  • Setting up a Crystal Therapy Practice

These are the topics which will be covered in the tutored workshops and online (theory).


  • The subject matter is divided into six units. Each unit will be covered in either a one-day session or two 3-hour tutor-led sessions.
  • Each session will also allow for practical work, guided meditation/visualisation and personal development.
  • Theory work will be available online and you will need to study this preceding the associated workshop
  • During the course you will continue to build up a ‘crystal compendium’ as crystals are introduced through the learning of layouts & techniques

On Completion of Stage 2

To continue to Stage 3 you are required to:

  • Carry out & document 15 treatment case studies
  • Complete all assessment exercises issued for each unit
  • Have 100% attendance of all tutor-led sessions
  • Continue to maintain your Crystal Therapy Journal
  • Complete an online Health & Safety assessment

Download the Information Pack 2020 for further information, Terms & Conditions and a Booking Form.


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