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Recommended Books

PLEASE NOTE: I no longer have an associate account with Amazon so should you wish to purchase any of the books listed below you will need to go directly to Amazon or other online bookstores. Do not use the links below. Thank you.

Licence Free Music

PLEASE NOTE: I do not have an affiliation with any of the artists listed here and I do not receive any remuneration for advertising them.  I share the information purely to help you find suitable royalty-free music for your therapy sessions.

Rob Hulford

British musician & composer Rob Hulford has a royalty free music option on his website where you can purchase from a choice of twelve compositions, each 60 minutes long. There are two options with regards to licensing. Tracks with the Standard license option are £15 and the Enhanced license option are £20


Another British musician who produces music with an option to buy a practitioner licence so you can play the music in your therapy sessions without worry or additional cost of a PPL/PRS license.  Some tracks may be familair to you if you have already purchased albums such as "Namaste - True Reiki" etc. - you will, I believe, need to purchase the Aroshanti versions in order to have the practioner licence though.  Below are just four of the albums available on the Aroshanti website.

Enlightened Audio

This is the website of Australian composer Christopher Lloyd Clarke.  He has a very wide range of music for relaxation, meditation etc. and although it is probably the most expensive it is worth a look and the price includes the licence.  He also offers 'Discount Packs' where you pay a certain price for a store credit limit e.g.  pay £225 and you can purchase up to £350 of music