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What Crystal Therapy Course or Training Would Suit Me Best?


If you are interested in becoming a crystal therapist (whether you are already a complementary therapist or not) then the Crystal Therapy Diploma is the course for you!

It is an in-depth course and takes a minimum of two years to complete and is done in three stages.

(PLEASE NOTE: For this level of training you will require a suitable A&P qualification. If you do not have one then I offer a selection of courses you can purchase for homestudy here)

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If you are already a Crystal Therapist or have been working with crystals for some time and would like to learn new techniques or build your knowledge then I am currently developing some advanced workshops and courses which will be offered as standalone units which can be attended for CPD purposes.


In light of the current situation teaching in-person has become somewhat hampered by government-imposed restrictions so I have developed the Crystal Energy Practitioner Course which can be carried out online, with a view to offering optional in-person training days once restrictions have eased or been completely lifted.

NOTE: If other conditions are satisfied (i.e. attendance at practical sessions, case studies completed, completion of an appropriate A&P qualification etc.) then this can be upgraded to the Diploma.

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If you simply have a passion for crystals and want to know more for your own enjoyment then any of the one-day "personal interest only" crystal workshops on offer would be suitable, also the Crystal Companions Evenings would help you to share your passion and meet other like-minded people.