GPS Visualisation

Ground, Protect & Shield Visualisation

This is a technique I use which I call Ground, Protect, Shield (or GPS for short).


  • I visualise roots from my feet going down to the earth’s core from where I draw golden earth energy up through my body & out through my crown, cascading back to earth (Ground).
  • Then I draw down silver universal energy from above, through my crown down through my body into the earth. 
  • I continue by visualising both energy sources meeting and combining in a growing ball as I pour more energy into it at my solar plexus
  • The ball of combined energy continues to grow in my mind’s eye until it emerges from my body surrounding me to form a bubble of protection around me (Protect). 
  • Finally I visualise the protective bubble forming a very shiny, outer ‘shell’, which serves as a shield (Shield) to repel any unwanted energies, sending them to earth to be transmuted.


I have recorded this as an audio meditation for you to listen to so you can familiarise yourself with the technique.